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Know More About Popular Wines

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Red wines have been around for ages now. They are available in so many varieties. While some of these varieties are absolutely light and pair well with full meals, there are others that go well with appetizers only. Here is taking a glance at some of the most popular red wines.

Speaking about exquisite wine types, one name that deserves a mention is Cabaret Sauvignon. This full bodied wine can be effortlessly paired with various food items. However, it pairs the finest with red meat. To add a dash of fuller taste to this red wine variety, it is blended with some merlot and cabernet franc. However, limit your intake of this wine variety, lest as per a number of researches you can fall prey to high blood pressure readings.

This type of red wine is easily available. Almost all regions that make red wine make this type of wine too. However, Cabernet Sauvignon is not available in the northern fringes of Germany. This well-known red wine is regarded to be one of the finest wines in various states like Chile, California and Australia.

Pinot Noir too makes to the list of common forms of red wine. Chiefly popular in areas that grow burgundy, it’s fast becoming popular in several other regions too such as France, New Zealand, Austria, Oregon and many more. This one is the fave pick of all those who have a liking for light bodied wines. You can relish its flavor finest, with dishes such as salmon, chicken and lamb. This variety is easily available on a cruise as well.

For those who are new to the world of red wines, Merlot could be a brilliant pick. The drink comes with great amount of softness and is absolutely simple to drink. This makes Merlot a brilliant starting point for folks who are new to red wine. Merlot is popularly grown in Chile, Australia, Washington, California, Romania and Italy. You can pair this wine with almost any and every food.

Do you appreciate red wine that offers a blend of flavors? If yes, Shiraz may be the pick for you. This well-liked red wine covers some of the most great fruit flavors. A dash of pepper and spice included in the wine makes it even more appeasing for the taste buds. You could carry this wine with you, when you are traveling so that you’ve the fantastic add-on for your meals. So, the subsequent time you go to your favorite destination like the city of Wichitas, make sure that you carry this wine along.

So, with so many kinds of exquisite red wines obtainable, go ahead and please your flavor buds.

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How To Make Wine At Home?

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Wine is one of the tastiest drinks. Some of the wines are really expensive. But it is possible to make wine at home. So we need to know how to make wine at home. Actually, it is a very simple process. And the reward is a very nice one. We get really tasty wine. You might all be wondering about how to make wine at home, right? We tell you a very easy recipe to make wine at home.

How to make wine at home? To make wine at home, it is not all that difficult. First, it should be taken care that there are no dried or decayed fruits in the collection. Then the fruits should be squeezed to juice with hands or with the help of a juicer. Water should not be used in the process of making the wine as it will degrade the taste. Boiling the fruit is also not a good idea as this can also produce the same result. Grapes can be squeezed using the feet as well which is the right way to extract juice for wine. After extracting the juice, sugar should be added in ample amount. Usually, if the fruit is not very sweet, the sugar should be added accordingly.

According to the amount of sugar used, the amount of yeast added should also be increased. The yeast should be added to the juice only after powdering it and warming it for a few minutes in water. After this is done, the sugar should be dissolved in the fruit juice by slightly warming the mixture in a stainless steel container. The amount of yeast added increases the alcoholic effect of the wine.

The juice should then be transferred to a vessel which is called a fermentation vessel and should be tightly air-locked. The wine is usually left in the vessel for nearly a year. Wine always tastes better when it is kept for longer period of time. Every month, the bottle in the vessel should be checked. If there is a white film over the wine, it should be removed. Once you notice that there are no more air bubbles that comes out of the tightly locked cork or lid, the wine can be bottled in a sterilized bottled.




Tips on Proper Wine Storage

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The presence of wine in any place is synonymous to fun, life, and enjoyment. Wines are enjoyed all around the world whether as an accompaniment to a meal, or as a drink that is meant to bring out the lively spirit at a celebration. Compared to other drinks such as soda, juices, or coffee, wine is truly more sophisticated and elegant in every sense of the word.


It is easy to store a can of beer –  just pop it into the fridge and take it out anytime and add ice, and the quality is relatively the same for any occasion. However, storing wine is both an art and science, and there are wine cellars and wine connoisseurs that can take on the matter perfectly. For storing wines at home, here are some things that you need to know to make your wine as great tasting as it can possibly be.


– Store your wine in a cool and dark place. Wines, especially the ones capped with corks, should not allow oxygen to permeate inside the bottles because the oxygen can easily spoil wines. For bottles that are not dark in color, light can also penetrate the bottle and the wine’s exposure to sunlight and even fluorescent lamps will produce an unpleasant smell to it when opened.


– Place the wine horizontally. Lay the wines on their sides so the cork will not turn dry and any sediment will not form easily as compared to bottles placed vertically in storage.


– Make the wine placement as permanent as possible. Avoid changing the placement or location of the wine and avoid moving it around. When placed inside the refrigerator, place it in a steady place so you do not have to move it, or worse, take it out even momentarily to get something else. Wine is sensitive to vibration and movement and any change in temperature, even momentarily or longer, should be made as slowly as possible.


– Store in wine cellars or in an isolated place. It is best that wines are stored in cellars where it is dark, cool, and you can control and monitor the temperature inside. Wine cellars are already specifically for wines alone. However, if you are to store it in an alternative location, it should be stored only with other wines as well. Isolate the wines because any food articles that comes in contact with it, particularly in a place where the foods may spoil, may cause the smell to penetrate the bottle thus affecting the smell, taste, and overall quality of the wine.


– For half bottles of wine, cover them with a piece of sealing plastic on top. Be sure that the plastic is clung tight so the alcohol will not escape.


– You can open your bottle of red wine, secure the opening and keep it for the next few days where it will still maintain its quality. For white wines, consume them all immediately because white wine is not really meant to be kept after it has been opened.

Wine History – A Quick Lesson

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As crazy as this sounds and you might not believe it, but before there was wine, there were vessels to drink it from.  Yes, believe it or not, there were containers that actually held liquid before liquid gold was created.  These containers were just waiting for something to fill it that would satisfy its purpose far beyond what it could ever dream.  Enter wine.  The first wine glasses were made from many different materials from baked clay potter to gourds made of leather to goblets of silver and gold.  Animal horns were even used, especially by the Vikings.  These vessel examples were what was used when one was trying to maintain a certain level of decorum, otherwise drinking straight from larger storage container was entirely acceptable.

As far back as 50 A.D.a scientist named Pliny the Elder worked to encourage glass as a preferred container for holding wine, but this was not widely possible due to the fact that glass was as treasured a material as gold and jewels because at that time the process and ancient technology used to make glass was expensive and very difficult.  Because of this, the first version of the wine glass that consisted of a base, stem and foot dates from the 15th century.  Due to the Industrial Revolution, glass today is very easy to produce which in turn makes it affordable compared to all previous centuries.  In fact, even as late as the beginning of the 20th century glass was difficult to mass produce.  These facts make it easy to see how glass was just as precious as gold or silver a few hundred years ago.

Again, because of the Industrial Revolution, the mass production of glass suddenly made sets of wine glasses affordable to everyday blue collar working folks.  Wine glasses along with champagne flutes, tumblers and goblets were sold in sets, usually containing a dozen in each set.  Suddenly glass was the preferred material for wine vessels and this made it easy for people to covet the color and body of the wine, which is just as important as taste and indeed needed to get the full experience out of drinking wine.  With these discoveries, glass began to be shaped specifically to enhance the bouquet and body of red, white and blush wine alike.  These inventions gave a while new perspective and twist into wine drinking and enjoyment.

Shape and size of the bowl of the glass is very important to the full experience of wine enjoyment.  You should buy glasses specifically for the red and white wine and even champagne.  A lot of science has gone into the shape of each type of glass and you would greatly benefit by using the proper shape for the wine you are drinking.

Wine For The Relax People

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Wine For The Rest People

Numerous of us love wine, however lack the handbag that allows for costly, “fine” wines. For that matter, I have discovered that if I wish to take pleasure in wine on a regular basis (which I do), I can’t also afford a bottle as that places up rapidly in the old monthly budget. However anxiety not, budget oenophiles, great wines, even great wines are offered on a footwear string. Numerous individuals have actually already found the charms of Yellowtail as well as Two-buck Chuck (Charles Taylor) wines, to the factor of these great wines being essentially common on dinner tables everywhere. Yet did you understand, or realize, that there are numerous, lots of high quality varietals offered via a host of various other vineyards. Indeed, there are lots of wines at half the cost of Yellowtail, that generate a more sophisticated flavor, and are a more congenial match with a lot of meals.

Silver Sands is a South African vineyard of singular note. I have not tried all of their varietals, yet with a meal of broiled chuck roast in a garlic sauce, and sides of asparagus as well as gingered pleasant potatoes, I discovered that the Silver Sands Shiraz was an able, also outstanding companion to the meal, easily taking on wines valued at two or 3 times it’s per bottle price. It’s smoke as well as oak timber tones contrasting fantastically with the all-natural blackberry fruitiness of the Syrah grape, where Shiraz is made. There is a first bite to this Shiraz, not unpleasant, yet attention-getting, which matures on the taste buds into waves of dark smoke, not unlike a great single-malt, then right into deeper, a lot more subtle, woody as well as natural tones, all superimposed with the fruitiness of Shiraz. This is a remarkably nuanced wine, with a positive and appealing nose as well as an abundant, full body.

Most significantly, this wine was a fascinating enhance to the meal, dancing the tongue away from the effective, salted garlic marinade of the beef as well as preparing it for the ginger and fall seasonings of the pleasant potatoes. Or as a perfect counterpoint to the buttery smoothness of the fit to be tied asparagus and a suggestion of the splendor of red meat ahead. This may be a little strong as a buddy for some pastas, yet I can see it resting proudly along with a well-prepared steak, or a deliciously rare burger with blue-cheese crumbles over the top and slices of smoked bacon. You do require some starch with this one for balance: possibly unsalted pub fries with malt vinegar, or maybe a monstrous baked potato smothered in butter, sour cream, bacon little bits, broccoli florets as well as Vermont cheddar, or like I had, gingered wonderful potatoes. However I believe you’ll discover that this wine is active sufficient to stand on its own rather well close to a host of meals.

This wine was in fact quite a shock. I am really familiar with South African reds, as well as have discovered them to be rather stratified, i.e. the affordable ones are affordable for a factor. Yet not so with Silver Sands. This is an absolutely wonderful Shiraz, mature as well as flavorful, yet not overblown or hefty. I will absolutely maintain my eye out for this South African indulge in the future, and at a bottle, I understand that it will not spend a lot if I bring it home.

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