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7 Factors to Take a Connecticut Holiday

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7 Factors to Take a Connecticut Holiday

As a New England getaway traveling writer I’ve always taken into consideration Connecticut a forgotten state when people pick destinations and tourist attractions for a New England trip. As you’ll discover here a Connecticut holiday provides enjoyment … or tranquility as well as peaceful, depending upon your state of mind.

Let’s take a glimpse at 7 reasons why you should consider a Connecticut holiday for your next New England trip.


With greater than 14 varied theme museums in Connecticut, there’s bound to be something to suit your preference. Here’s a quick run-through …

Bridgeport is residence to The Barnum Gallery and Discover Museum, and at Danbury you’ll discover the Armed force Museum of Southern New England and the Danbury Train Gallery. Maintaining with a train style Thomaston hosts the Railway Gallery of New England and Naugatuck Railway.

In Bristol you can find The New England Slide carousel Museum as well as period time pieces at the American Clock and also Enjoy Museum. Just a little south in Waterbury is Time Exposition, as well as a chance to celebrate the heritage of the Litchfield region at the Mattatuck Museum. At the Connecticut Vintage Machinery Gallery in Kent experience machinery that as soon as drove commerce in the area.

Windsor Locks is not just residence to Bradley International Airport terminal yet likewise to the New England Air Museum and also southern in East Sanctuary experience one more form of transport at the Coast Line Trolley Gallery.

As well as completing our must-see list is Mystic’s Museum of America as well as the Sea, and the incredible Mashantucket Pequot Gallery in close-by Mashantucket.


Wineries in Connecticut? Yes, actually there’s 16 of them scattered throughout the state, as well as they make a perfect basis for a Connecticut Vacation. The climate in Connecticut is light contrasted to the remainder of New England and also wines produced include: Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, and Riesling. While Connecticut red wines have actually just been generated because 1978, several farms where the grapes are expanded are centuries old. The white wine tasting space will usually be open however call in advance for a tour time. You’ll find these vineyards not geared for large bus lots, however on the plus much even more intermit than wineries in Northern The golden state.

The red wine path is split into 2 significant regions and also it’s suggested your tour is divided up over three to 4 days. However since the route takes you near so several various other locations and attractions in Connecticut let on your own be sidetracked as well as take pleasure in the tour with beautiful and historic New England communities.


Integrated Foxwoods and Mohegan Sunlight make the biggest gambling establishment complicated on the planet. Foxwoods in owned and run by Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, and also Mohegan Sun by Mohegan Tribe ashore they own in Uncasville. These are sophisticated high-style experiences with purchasing complexes, resorts, high account enjoyment acts, as well as top-rated dining establishments. They are both near each various other as well as situated in the eastern area of Connecticut, and also near to museums, picturesque drives, and also the Connecticut trip tourist attractions in Mystic.


Maybe the most famous house to see on your Connecticut holiday is Mark Twain’s in Hartford, which is currently a gallery too packed with several artefacts he gathered in the 17 years he lived there. Likewise in Hartford is Harriet Beecher Stowe home of Uncle Tom’s Cabin fame. One more famous female’s residence is the academy run by Vigilance Crandall in Canterbury – it’s the site of the initial academy for black women in New England. Your journey to Connecticut ought to include the community of Litchfield where you can check out gallery top quality preserved colonial residences, and also the Litchfield Background Gallery as well as Tapping Reeve House and also Legislation School.

Connecticut includes numerous historic houses that played an essential duty in the Below ground Railroad and also the African-American journey from enslavement to flexibility.


The historical 1892 Essex terminal is your kick-off factor for a distinct combined 21/2 hour vintage Heavy steam Train and Riverboat Cruise along the Connecticut River. In the summertime it’s cooling down, and in the loss stunning with the turning of the leaves. The Connecticut River Museum is likewise in Essex as well as clearly gives birth to the river’s history as told with paintings, artifacts, as well as interactive displays.


Mystic Port and the Mystic Aquarium are magnets for site visitors to Connecticut. The port is billed as The Museum of America and also the Sea as well as shows a genuine 19th century seafaring town, tall ships to excursion, and a Preservation Backyard where master shipbuilding skills are still exercised. The Mystic Fish tank consists of a delightful range of indoor as well as exterior displays, consisting of Beluga whales, and also a spectacular display screen and model of the Titanic.


Connecticut is renowned for its concentration of antique stores, and also attracts countless treasure seekers every year who take a Connecticut vacation just to stock up on deals as well as specimens to accumulate and decorate their homes. The town of Woodbury is called the “Antiques Funding of Connecticut” as well as has more than 45 suppliers, but the reality is you’re never too far from that special purchase regardless of where you remain in the state. Simply occasionally its wonderful to take the time to follow your nose along a scenic New England road as well as see where it takes you … you can bet if it remains in Connecticut, it’ll take you near an antique store.

Holiday Turkey and Wine

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This past Thanksgiving we were blessed to be invited to a dear friend’s house.  This was the first time in years that we were just able to enjoy the feast and company of friends without the messy clean-up that comes with entertaining in our own home.  I did not have to stuff the turkey or roll up my sleeves at the sink trying to get the baking pan clean.  My joy was short lived when my wife made the Thanksgiving announcement that, “Everyone is invited to our house for a big December holiday feast”.   There was a resounding cheer at the gathering from everyone at the table.  Hands were raised and voices heard to say, “We will be there”.  At the last count we had fifteen couples, my daughter, two grandkids and one obnoxious “grand-dog” called Bones.

When December rolled around, my wife started preparations immediately.  First, we had to do spring cleaning in December, which included walls, furnace registers, base boards, floors, etc.  The next step was the obligatory decorations that needed to be scattered around the house, including an ornate light display for the outside that had me untangling and hanging lights for days.  I was sent to the Party Store to rent tables, chairs and huge serving platters for the food.  My final assignment was to get “The Birds” and the wine to go with it.  I was beginning to wish we had entertained at Thanksgiving.

Before I left to do the shopping, my wife told me, “Make sure you talk to someone at the wine store so you get the right wine to compliment the turkey”.  I said, “Why didn’t you ask everyone to bring their own wine, instead of us risking that we wouldn’t buy their favorite?”  My wife raised her voice at least one octave and replied, “We are doing the entertainment so it is our responsibility not theirs and besides I want everything to be just perfect”.  I love my wife dearly and I have learned when it is best to just say, “Yes Dear”.  Before I left, I hopped on the computer and did my research so I could portray to the wine store clerk how knowledgeable I was about pairing turkey with wine.  I didn’t want to embarrass myself at the wine store.

The general consensus from the web research was for a lighter red (not over burdened with tannins) or several white wines that tended to be fruity and slightly sweeter.  Another caution, that seems well advised, is during dinner stick with wines lower in alcohol content.  Northhamptonwines.com stated, “Save the 15 percent alcohol ‘in your face Zins’ for after dinner when it is OK for folks to go to sleep.” 

The top choices I found for red wine lovers were Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz and Red Zinfandel. White wine enthusiasts might enjoy a Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Beaujolais Nouveau or White Burgundy.  If some of your guests have a sweet-tooth, then try White Zinfandel or Cranberry Wine.  Save the desert wines for after the main meal when it is time to devour the pumpkin and pecan pie.

Not everyone is a wine drinker.  I also ran across some advice for people for pairing turkey with beer and cocktails.  The consensus was that a beer should be complex but not over bearing.  A good choice might be pale ale from one of the smaller breweries.  Another website suggested that for the cocktail drinkers, gin cocktails like an English Rose, Park Avenue or Verbena Martini would work.

I went to the wine store and made my selections with an air of “I know what I am doing”.  When I arrived home my wife said, “What wine did you decide on?” I smiled and told her, “One of each, a total of 12 bottles”. She exclaimed, “We won’t be able to serve all that wine at dinner!”  I responded, “I wouldn’t think of doing that.  I am going to raffle off any that we don’t serve.”  My wife grabbed her forehead and walked away stating, “What I am I going to do with you.”  I let her have the final word and started preparing the raffle tickets.

I always maintain that there are a lot of people that will tell you what wine to pair with what food.  In the end, as I always say, buy the wine you like, store wine properly in a wine refrigerator, serve it at the proper temperature and enjoy it immensely.

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