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How To Choose Wine?

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What is a wine? It is an alcoholic beverage, typically made of fermented grape juice. When we think of wine, we think of grapes. And its a fact that most wine is made from grapes. Wine makers can make wine from grapes effortlessly. Even without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes or other nutrients, grapes can ferment because of its much natural chemical balance.

As the years went by, we can now buy wine made of other fruits. Wine makers thought of other fruits that can be used easily to make wine. The popular ones for making wine includes peaches, watermelons, plums, strawberries, blackberries, pears, grapefruits, persimmons, gooseberries, boysenberries and more.

The maximum objective of wine buying is to buy wine that tastes good to you. Dont base on a merchant, friend or wine writer who says a wine is good because it doesn’t mean that you will also like it. The only evaluator of better taste in wine is you. You can find wines that are ideal for your own unequaled taste buds. Bring out yourself to every type of wine. The more you taste the more you will understand and the easier wine selection will become. Another factor before you decide is to know what you really want, a white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine or fortified wine. This will nail down your selections and give you some direction.

It is significant to buy wine from liquor outlets that take proper care of their wine. Another best option is you can buy directly from the winerys cellar door. Be aware of the things that are not good for wine such as extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight, and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Before you purchase, make it a point to check that the wine is filled up to the neck of the bottle, the cork is not pushing out of the bottle, and there are no signs of leakage.

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How To Make Wine At Home?

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Wine is one of the tastiest drinks. Some of the wines are really expensive. But it is possible to make wine at home. So we need to know how to make wine at home. Actually, it is a very simple process. And the reward is a very nice one. We get really tasty wine. You might all be wondering about how to make wine at home, right? We tell you a very easy recipe to make wine at home.

How to make wine at home? To make wine at home, it is not all that difficult. First, it should be taken care that there are no dried or decayed fruits in the collection. Then the fruits should be squeezed to juice with hands or with the help of a juicer. Water should not be used in the process of making the wine as it will degrade the taste. Boiling the fruit is also not a good idea as this can also produce the same result. Grapes can be squeezed using the feet as well which is the right way to extract juice for wine. After extracting the juice, sugar should be added in ample amount. Usually, if the fruit is not very sweet, the sugar should be added accordingly.

According to the amount of sugar used, the amount of yeast added should also be increased. The yeast should be added to the juice only after powdering it and warming it for a few minutes in water. After this is done, the sugar should be dissolved in the fruit juice by slightly warming the mixture in a stainless steel container. The amount of yeast added increases the alcoholic effect of the wine.

The juice should then be transferred to a vessel which is called a fermentation vessel and should be tightly air-locked. The wine is usually left in the vessel for nearly a year. Wine always tastes better when it is kept for longer period of time. Every month, the bottle in the vessel should be checked. If there is a white film over the wine, it should be removed. Once you notice that there are no more air bubbles that comes out of the tightly locked cork or lid, the wine can be bottled in a sterilized bottled.




Wine Is The Perfect Gift!

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Wine if one of those drinks, the value of which cannot be argued with. Not only is it high in retail monetary value but, it is also a gift that everyone treasures! It is a gift that everyone would be happy to receive especially during a holiday season like Easter or Christmas. It is also a very classy and an extremely dignified gift and a perfect choice even for someone who has everything because even multiple bottles of the same wine can be a superb gift. Wine is also long lasting, and many wines taste better aged so the person you are gifting it to, can open and drink it and then keep drinking it on occasions over the year.There are those people too, who are non-alcoholics and for whom even wine is taboo, no matter how much you try and explain to them that it is only grape juice. And something that is fast catching up in the retail market is that for the strictly non alcoholics, there are some options available in wines as well. Just the way, the non-alcoholics who want to taste beer can try the fruit beer and those who want to open champagne at a party but cannot stand alcohol can open a bottle of apple champagne, the same way non-alcoholic wines are available in the market as well, and these make great gifts the same way as regular wines do; and many a people who have tried both, the alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines, say that both taste pretty similar with a couple of minor exceptions like the relaxation that is felt in the alcoholic one is not felt in the non-alcoholic one. Wine, of any type, makes a perfect gift at marriages too especially when you have to gift something to a couple who has simply everything. There are times when you are stuck for choices with couples who have everything, and with those who are just starting out, but a bottle of a nice wine, in a nice wine bag and a handmade card is a gift that people treasure.With more and more wine companies setting up online stores and selling wine onlineat wholesale rates, it has become easier to give wine as a gift. All that has to be done is to simply logon to the website and order the wine to your residence and then gift it on the occasion or else, if locations dont permit, many a website even have options for you to order the wine and pay for it online, and choose the person to be gifted as the delivery address. After that the website people make it a point to nicely wrap your bottle and ensure that it reaches on date, in time and beautifully wrapped as the perfect gift.

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Understanding How Wine is Made

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Before that lovely bottle of wine reaches your hands, there is a careful process that vineyards follow to ensure that you get the same quality bottle that you expect every time. While there are many wine varieties, they basically follow the same wine-making process. There are differences when it comes to the grapes that are being used and how long the ageing process is. This is the determinant for the many wine varieties available in the market.


Wine is composed only of grapes. But it is the process of wine-making that makes the grapes produce not just a glass of grape juice but a lovely bottle of wine. The process starts with the harvest of the finest grapes that is right for picking. To hasten the harvest, some vineyards opt for mechanical harvesting while there are some vineyards where there are people who pick the grapes to be used by hand. Harvest is normally done during the early hours of the morning so that the cool weather will not destroy the natural juices of the grapes when picked.


The harvested grapes are next de-stemmed and crushed. Using specialized machines, the grapes are crushed so its juices get released. Some vineyards crush the grapes manually instead of using machines. The pulp is separated and the juice now goes through a series of processes to finally exude that exquisite wine taste. For the next step which is fermentation, yeast is added to the juice so that when the yeasts consumes the grape juice, it will turn to alcohol and carbon dioxide, the two properties that should be present in all wine varieties and what differentiates them from other beverages including simple grape juice.


When alcohol and carbon dioxide has formed, the long ageing process will now take place. Some vineyards have stainless steel barrels where they store their wines for years before they can become wines that can be commercially sold. Wine experts say that wines that are aged in oak barrels have better taste and quality, and the major vineyards around the world do age their wines in oak barrels. The ageing of the wine is monitored so the proper quality can be achieved. Ageing them for longer periods than required may spoil the wine and turn them into vinegar.


The wines are transferred from one barrel to another over periods of time to take out any sediment that has formed so that the wine will be as clear and pure as it can possibly be. The wines are filtered as well for the very same purpose.


The last step is bottling the wines. Quality is checked and all the other environmental factors are controlled such as the temperature and sealing mechanisms. The corks or stainless caps that are used to seal the wine are checked as well so the wine will not be affected or contaminated by other materials.


Some people say that passion is also an important ingredient in making wines. And for wine experts and aficionados, they will share romance with a glass of wine no matter what variety it is.

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Tips on Proper Wine Storage

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The presence of wine in any place is synonymous to fun, life, and enjoyment. Wines are enjoyed all around the world whether as an accompaniment to a meal, or as a drink that is meant to bring out the lively spirit at a celebration. Compared to other drinks such as soda, juices, or coffee, wine is truly more sophisticated and elegant in every sense of the word.


It is easy to store a can of beer –  just pop it into the fridge and take it out anytime and add ice, and the quality is relatively the same for any occasion. However, storing wine is both an art and science, and there are wine cellars and wine connoisseurs that can take on the matter perfectly. For storing wines at home, here are some things that you need to know to make your wine as great tasting as it can possibly be.


– Store your wine in a cool and dark place. Wines, especially the ones capped with corks, should not allow oxygen to permeate inside the bottles because the oxygen can easily spoil wines. For bottles that are not dark in color, light can also penetrate the bottle and the wine’s exposure to sunlight and even fluorescent lamps will produce an unpleasant smell to it when opened.


– Place the wine horizontally. Lay the wines on their sides so the cork will not turn dry and any sediment will not form easily as compared to bottles placed vertically in storage.


– Make the wine placement as permanent as possible. Avoid changing the placement or location of the wine and avoid moving it around. When placed inside the refrigerator, place it in a steady place so you do not have to move it, or worse, take it out even momentarily to get something else. Wine is sensitive to vibration and movement and any change in temperature, even momentarily or longer, should be made as slowly as possible.


– Store in wine cellars or in an isolated place. It is best that wines are stored in cellars where it is dark, cool, and you can control and monitor the temperature inside. Wine cellars are already specifically for wines alone. However, if you are to store it in an alternative location, it should be stored only with other wines as well. Isolate the wines because any food articles that comes in contact with it, particularly in a place where the foods may spoil, may cause the smell to penetrate the bottle thus affecting the smell, taste, and overall quality of the wine.


– For half bottles of wine, cover them with a piece of sealing plastic on top. Be sure that the plastic is clung tight so the alcohol will not escape.


– You can open your bottle of red wine, secure the opening and keep it for the next few days where it will still maintain its quality. For white wines, consume them all immediately because white wine is not really meant to be kept after it has been opened.