Recipe: Spiced Red Wine with Brandy and Citrus

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Spiced Red Wine with Brandy and Citrus


1 orange, cut
1/2 lemon, sliced up
1 vanilla bean
Peel from 1 orange – orange part only
6 entire cloves
1 750-ml container completely dry red wine, Red wine
1/2 mug framboise eau de vie or brandy
6 tablespoon sugar


Incorporate sliced orange and also lemon, vanilla bean, orange peel and cloves in large glass jar. Put wine over. Cover and location in great dark location for 2 weeks.
Strain wine with a number of layers of cheesecloth into 4-cup gauging mug. Dispose of solids in cheesecloth. Include framboise and also sugar to wine; mix until sugar dissolves. Pour mixture right into bottle or ornamental bottle. Cork bottle and location in cool dark area for at the very least 1 week. (Can be made 6 weeks in advance. Shop in trendy dark area.) Offer in little wineglasses.

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