Red Wine Grapes Guide

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Have you ever wondered what kind of grapes go in to the wine you drink? There are several types of grapes grown in all different climates and parts of the world. Cabernet franc, Chenin blanc, and Dolcetto are just a few of the types of grapes used for making red wine. Over the next few minutes you will get some insight into the wonderful world of red wine.

The Syrah grape, the Australians know this grape as a Shiraz, this grape is used for a more fancy lighter, fruity wine. Syrah is grown in France this grape produces a full bodied dark colored wine full of Tannin. You may be asking what Tannin is; Tannin is the “feeling” of a dry wine. Better to be explained by biting into a grape seed or even a banana peal and tasting the dry or bitter taste.

The Tannin level is determined by how long the grape stays in full tact with the stem, seed, and skin, the longer intact the more robust the Tannin. On the opposite end of the spectrum with very minimal Tannin is the Pinot Noir, the wine made by using this grape is harder to find.

The Pinot Noir is generally aged in oak barrels to encourage the taste and help bring more tannin into the wine. Merlot is a type of wine people are more familiar with. Merlot often takes on the taste of prunes or even chocolate also very low in Tannins. A Zinfandel can also be red, this is one of the oldest grapes to be grown n California. A red zinfandel is very rich and colorful also the alcohol content is high.

There are so many types of grapes grown to make red wines. Some wine is high in Tannin and some are very low. Now that you know what makes your wine taste the way it does invite all your friends over and make a toast

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