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Invent a trendy idea: the wine club

Forget the old course to taste the wine. Today to thoroughly enjoy the taste, is real club. The Baglioni Wine Club in Milan is a new point of reference for those who want to deepen the culture of wine. “Themed events, a comparison with other enthusiasts, the constant support of a sommelier: these are the salient points.

Registration is free and comes on line. The events are monthly and are paid (on average 60 70 euro per person ) “says Elisa Camossi, who handles the business operations of the club. “We started in the summer of 2007. To date we have two branches of the Baglioni hotel in Milan and Rome. Our members are 2500, 700-800 of them at our events.

Start a wine library
Wine and books: winning combination? The question is whether the post seven years ago, a Roman named Gabriele Grandoni. At the time Gabriel was 28 years, studying at universities and rounded as a seller of wines.

He says: “Wine is my passion, so much that I decided to attend a course and to become a sommelier. I was thinking of opening a representative, when I met a distributor who was selling books at Monaco and wine together. The idea I liked suffered. ” Gabriel had not much money and so to open its local “The Tias” choose Pigneto district of Rome: People and peripheral, but with great promise for development. He says: “I was a bet.

The area I liked, because with its narrow streets reminds somewhat on the city of Paris. But when there was not much movement. Then, slowly, began to open local “Gabriel continued. “At first the business went so well and I funded the local representative from the earnings of wines. Then the neighborhood has grown and” Tias “has become a point of reference. The consistency and the passion I have rewarded. Now together artists and intellectuals here. deejay The location and the piano are arranged on a mezzanine. The music that comes from the top by a certain fascination. We also organize art exhibitions and book presentations. The most popular wines are Rosso di Montalcino, the Dolce d’Alba and various whites of Friuli. And the books? He said: “I have focused on evidence of art, travel and gastronomy. At present, contribute to the turnover by 15% and are sold primarily during the presentations.

Wine and music
A sommelier, Claudio Assante, and a pianist, Antonello Ielo, have joined to offer a show that wine and music merge. Claudio says: “I illustrate the wine in various aspects: visual, olfactory and gustatory. Meanwhile, these characteristics are translated into music. They offer these performances to local companies.

Champion innovative
Excellent space for activities ancillary to the production of wine, but what really works? The word is innovation. Each problem also has its solution. The limiting alcohol consumption? So we focus on wine by the glass, suggests David Di Corato, director of the monthly magazine Horeca sector. A choice: make direct contact with the consumer. “Selecting Gancia years ago from tastings at home. O calls its customers in villas and palaces. The advice on a personal basis is greatly appreciated and 100 wine consultants always required.

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